Summer in Livigno

Summer in Livigno

In the summer in Livigno, trekking, walking, horse riding, mountain biking, golf and fishing are popular pastimes. Visitors can enjoy hiking through lush valleys following paths which will take them to the mountain peaks of Stelvio and Engadin National Parks. The numerous marked routes offer many suitable paths for walkers and hikers of all levels.

Experienced visitors can cross some high-altitude trails accompanied by Alpine guides. Many trekking excursions are organized during the summer months which feature breathtaking views and stunning scenery of glaciers, waterfalls, rivers, springs and alpine lakes. 

Summer bicycle and mountain bike excursions are available in Bassa Engadina through small villages each with their own particular characteristics and charm. Mountain bikes can reach Cassana, an alpine hut which is one of the highest in the Alps at 2601 metres. 

Ibex, deer, marmots and eagles are frequently seen in this natural environment

The summer months are the perfect opportunity for visitors to enjoy a holiday in Livigno's un-spoilt surroundings, completely at one with nature.